Romancing the Phone

I jumped off the bed, showered and dressed to kill-I mean this was a new take on our usual Valentine’s celebration, so I was ready for whatever!

Is Follow-ship Even a Word?

I became tired of going through the motions, and doing the ministry thing that everyone else was doing.  I envied the life I saw modeled in the New Testament by Jesus’ disciples.  I wanted more meaning out of life-not more stuff…

Invisible, Part I

By hiding our true selves we obscure our true beauty, and when we negate our reality, we put ourselves in danger of becoming a fainted memory.

Back to Joy!

You lost something beautiful a while back…It’s time to go back, reload, and continue the journey. The reason the followers of Christ made it through so much suffering and adversity with little regard for their physical lives, was that Jesus instilled in them a passion, not for what they were, but for what they could be…

Invisible, Part II

Real life is hard as it is, but when things happen that are out of your control, the skin suit becomes heavy and uncomfortable.

Do You Still Dream?

Laying there in the cold sand, wearing our bikini bottoms and sweaters, we tried to decipher hidden messages in the stars. I’m pretty sure that is when I started dreaming…

My Baby is Gone!

Last year, my second son, who is 22 years old, came to me and shared the news that he was ready to marry.  I said, “sure…wait, WHAT?!?”

Love Across the Seas

I never feared my soon to be husband’s reaction to many of my cultural biases, or customs, however, I was convinced what I was about to share with him could potentially…

The Beauty of Community

A couple of years after my father’s death, I was surprised that I still felt just as “let-down”, and deflated as the day I was told of his passing. Honestly, I hated what I perceived as my wilderness experience. Often, I would…


The church service had just led out, and I lingered outside talking with some of my friends when suddenly, I was confronted by two young men from my church. One of them asked me, “Beba, you wear eye liner, don’t you?” Before I could respond, the other young man, sarcastically inserted, “no, not Beba, she would never do that.” to …