About Me

My name is Beba Schlottmann and I absolutely love my life! I am not an expert at anything, but I am a passionate learner of new and old things. I am from Puerto Rico and speak fluent Spanish & English. I am married to a wonderful man, who supports all of my adventures, and together we have two amazingly creative sons. I enjoy spending time with my family.

My husband and I recently founded and launched, Abante International, a non-profit organization whose mission is to prepare university students to LEARN, LIVE & LEAD in a global community. Basically, students will study collegiate courses while engaging with communities in the United States, and around the world for nine months. The students or colleagues (as we like to call them) will graduate with global relationships, leadership training, college credits and a strong spiritual formation base.  If you get a chance, check us out at http://www.abante.me.

Aside from my work and extensive travel with Abante International, I enjoy reading, writing, singing, cooking, traveling, and thinking up new and creative ways of doing things. I love spending time with my international friends and learning all I can about their cultures. I enjoy going to the movies, I have a bit of a sweet tooth-especially for European chocolate and for my mother’s homemade bread pudding,-and I also enjoy going for long hikes or walks through nature trails.  My guilty pleasure is watching Korean dramas (don’t judge me!) and action movies.

So, as you can see, I am a pretty adventurous girl, who likes stay busy.  But hey, life is short and I need to enjoy the good things God has provided, while also devoting myself to the things he expects–the meaningful things that leave a mark.  If I live just for myself, I accomplish nothing worth writing about, but I live my life with a sense of purpose.  I know my time on earth is but a dash.  But regardless of the length God allows for me to live, I want my time here to count for something.  I don’t just want to be here, I want to live to the fullest!

That’s me in a nutshell!